Team News

Spring 2015


We officially have ended our season.  It was a great season that built strong team chemistry.  We went 2-2 in our division.  We would like to congratulate Christina Martini who was elected as our new President!  Congrats also go out to Sarah Greensfelder and Claudia Mena would will be leading us on the field as captains next year.  Stay tuned for next season!

Spring 2015

We have officially started the spring season.  We held try-outs last week and are starting first official practices.  We are happy to say we have 25 girls on our roster, and lots of talent.  Check out the Roster tab to learn more!  We have a lot of games in store for the semester.  We also have exciting community service and fundraising activities planned. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out! Boiler Up!!

Fall 2014 Wrap-up

We officially ended our fall season.  We went 4-3 on the season.  A great start to lead us into the spring.  Some of our officers went to Toledo this weekend to schedule for the spring semester.  Looks like fun games for the spring.  Stay tuned for more!

Fall 2014 -Apparel Form

Support the Women’s Club Lacrosse team by ordering some apparel!  The order form can be found by clicking here.  Orders are due by Friday, October 3rd.   Checks can be made out to Purdue Women’s Lacrosse.

Fall 2014-IU Play Day


We opened our season at IU September 20th.  We played strong despite some unfortunate events.  We went 1-2 on the day.  The team showed great energy and teamwork.  We really worked well together setting up plays and a strong defense.  Shout outs go to Stacy Orlowski, Claire Hoover, and Emily Rybak who stepped it up in goal when we had the unfortunate injury occur to our goalie, Kayla McCabe!!!  This is just the start of the season, still more to come!

Fall 2014

The women’s lacrosse team is excited to start its Fall 2014 season.  Many games are lined up for the season, including a play day at IU and a home play day.  The team would love it if you came and supported us this season.  Stay tuned for apparel information and learn about the community service events we will be doing this semester.  Boiler Up!

Fall 2012 Apparel

Support our team by purchasing Purdue Women’s Lacrosse apparel! Fill out an order form!

Fall 2012 Callout

The callout for the 2012 Fall lacrosse team will be held on Wednesday, August 29th at 7:30PM in BRNG 1245. We hope to see you there!

Spring 2012

Thank you to our departing seniors, Lauren Cascio, Libby Puccinelli, Arielle Laskau, Nadia Fernandez, Meghan Miloscia, Shannon Callinan, Jenny DePauw, Liz Quick, Lisa Olszewski and Angelia Cundiff for all of your hard work. Your leadership, hard work and general awesomeness will be greatly missed! We look forward to having you back for the alumni game this fall! Also, congrats to our completely new captain and officer board. Visit the contact page for a full list of the newly elected positions. Congratulations to everyone for a great season and we can’t wait to begin again in August!


Congratulations to Jenny DePauw (Attendance captain), Angelia Cundiff (field/equipment captain) and Shannon Callinan (Social chair), who were all elected at the team’s end-of-season meeting. We’re in the process of finalizing Purdue Black and Purdue Gold’s spring schedules. Stay tuned for updates! Don’t forget to find us on Facebook!

Fall 2011

The team ended their fall season with a win over IU, after falling to University of Illinois. They had strong performances at the Chitown Classic, beating University of Chicago and Northwestern. Overall, the fall was a huge success, as the team welcomed 15 new players to supplement a team whose roster grew to 38 players. The team also renewed its emphasis on community service and fundraising, two important initiatives that help keep costs low and help the local Lafayette community. Stay tuned for updates on the spring 2012 season!

Spring 2011

Congratulations to the Purdue Black and Purdue Gold teams who both had successful spring seasons! Purdue Black finished their season 3rd in the Division II Central region, after competing against very competitive teams. Purdue Gold finished first in their region and secured a bid to the 2011 League play-offs- a first for the team in Division I! Overall, Gold went 7-3 before losing to Pitt at the play-offs. Big thanks to all of the ladies who made this season possible! We look forward to another great year for the Lady Boilermakers in 2011-2012!